Error updating version

guys, I loved the system, but I’m using version / 0.13 when upgrading to version 0.15 all google services generate errors, and I can’t fix them, they can help me

/e/OS is a de- googled OS…which means google services are not supposed to work on it.
Pl can you describe what it is that is not working on your phone and also if it was working on the 0.13 version of the official build.

thanks for answering friend, so in version 0.13 everything is working fine, i really liked this rom but i wanted to update, when i update to 0.14 or 0.15 google services are flashing on the screen without stopping in error. If there is no way to update, I should stick with version 0.13 anyway.

Can you upload a screenshot/photo of the message?

I’m a new user I can’t post an image, follow the link, here with 0.13 working normally

here already with the error after the update,
no service works, nothing opens

There is no Play Store on /e/OS. Either you flashed the GApps so it’s normal if /e/OS doesn’t work, either you were on LineageOS + GApps and you didn’t wipe data correctly.

So please factory reset.

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in version 0.13 has GApps, already installed in stock

Please do a factory reset and see if GApps are still installed.

this is the error apps update, this is in portuguese Brazil