Error when creating Portable WiFi Hotspot



I have tried to create a Portable Wifi hotspot using:
settings / wireless & Networks / more / tethering & Wi-fi

When trying to activate the option, it return “error”.

I am on PH1 essential /e/ 0.1-201812172245

Any idea ?


@Pistou normally it should get active as in screenshot below. Please raise an issue with logs in gitlab


Was just wondering if a solution has ever been found for this problem, specifically on the PH-1?

I just installed e-0.5-n-201904167346 on a PH-1 over the weekend, and also received “Error” when trying to activate the hotspot. I swapped out the sim I activated on the PH-1 running /e/ for the sim from an Xperia XZ1c running Pie (& on a different carrier). Neither sim was able to tether on /e/, but both could do so on the XZ1.

Found this over @ gitlab:

I consider it a minor miracle that I was able to install /e/ on the PH-1, i.e. I don’t really know what I’m doing. (Everything else works great, btw.) Should I roll the dice, root and replace the hostapd.conf file?


As an update, I was able to successfully root and add a hostapd.conf file as described in the xda post referenced above. Hotspot-ing works as it should now.

I also found another report over at gitlab of tethering not working for a PH-1 /e/ user, here:

I was just wondering whether it would be simple & possible to add a hostapd.conf file to an upcoming mata build to save other PH-1 /e/ users the hassle of rooting to get hotspot working?


thanks for your update.
I did not go that far.
Hope the /e/ team get it right on the V1 when released.