Error while installing /e/ on sony Xperia XA2

Thanks for message.
I’m just stressed as there are vertical lines on the display which I read somewhere that it means stress to the display due to flashing. I just brought this phone and I don’t have another phone.

I really sympathize… (even if I have to admit that I kept my old phone until I was sure I could switch to /e/)

Any good news?


My old phone completely broke so had to buy a new this new one.

I am trying to update my win 7 laptop and then try Emma again. It seems there is some problem flashing from emma, even though it says successful but still the phone does not boot up after the flash by emma. Just blank screen and lines. Someone said that they had blank screen and lines before but after flashing by emma it was ok.

So will give another try using emma. Then looking into doing a stock rom flash from here:

The last thing I want is to buy another phone which I just cannot afford so really hope it works.

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Ok, seems I’ve tried everything and the screen comes up the same way everytime. After much looking online I came across this:
This is very similar to what I’m facing. Any suggestions please, anyone? @sonyxa2 @andrelam @archie @Manoj

Were you trying to downgrade from Pie to Oreo. While testing our Pie code we saw bootloops on multiple devices when trying to downgrade the OS. The solution was to revert to Stock Pie builds. Then installing latest TWRP and then for /e/ also the build had to be a Pie build.

The support from sony support sonymobile means:

Can I downgrade to an earlier Android version?
No. It is not possible for you to downgrade an Xperia device to a previous Android version. Our service centers are also unable to perform such a downgrade

That must be a peculiarity of Sony? A StockROM downgrade for my LG phone never caused any problems.

Tried this? Use vendor files 8.1, sdk 4.4.

Use this file for last step flashing AOSP .

Hi @andrelam have you tried reverting the XA2 to a previous version of the OS. Did it work?

Yes, but could not do it with emma software, @robined can (emma suggests 50.1 thats Oreo) so, he must be on Oreo. Reason i suggest AOSP is that this will flash Sony vendor stuf also.

I did try reverting but its still the same screen with vertial lines then flashing white screen, green screen and black. No matter what i do its the same screen in the end.

I think emma is working, maybe my screen is toasted

TWRP works right? So don’t think screen is defective.

No Twrp does not show up on the mobile screen.

TWRP boot image get flashed fastboot boot twrp.img works.

In my case, Emma offered only 1 option (so no choice or downgrade possible). I do not know if it linked to the model of XA2 (H4113 double SIM , EU, perhaps there are some specific regional versions?) or some restrictions linked to model/region. And as I have no other experience with flashing, I do not know if it is peculiar

I have no suggestions, sorry … I am really a newbie with all the flashing stuff … I can only check with version Emma used to flash my phone when it worked

So it does not work, and works :thinking:. We have to define “works”, if TWRP works you’ll get the TWRP screen when you boot into recovery. Did you ever see it in your attempts?

ok it does not work. What I meant was that it shows that it booted successfully on the terminal.

It only worked once on the phone, in the very beggining, and in that instance I was able to install the /e/ image and since then i’ve got all the issues.

Sony has obviously published a false piece of information here!

After all I’ve read so far, I can say that with a clear conscience.

@andrelam instructions I never doubted. At this point I would also like to thank @andrelam or his unprecedented support and perseverance. I’ve never seen anything like it in the forum world before. Bravo!

Another proof that an Xperia XA2 downgrade from 9-Pie to 8-Oero is possible is shown in the tutorial "
Downgrading Android from 9 to 8.1 on XA2."

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