Error while upgrading from 0.14 to 0.16 on BQ Aquaris bardock

Hello all !
I’m new in the communityy, so please forgive me if i’m wrong in my way to get a solution for my problem !
I successfully installed eos 0.14 on my BQ Aquaris X (bardock) and enjoy it for several weeks.
I just tried to upgrade to eos 0.16 using the menu : parameters → system updates.
I successfully downloaded the 0.16 file and type : install
File is well checked, the system reboots, begins the upgrade but when I get a black screen with multicolor circles, I get the only message : error ! with the green android robot picture
I don’t know how to solve the problem (recovery ?) since I’m not able to get some logs that would explain what happened…
Any suggestions / help would be appreciated !!!
Thanks for your help !

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