Errors I have while building for requested devices

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I will use this topic to publish issues I have when trying to build (mainly for requested devices since it’s part of my plan to made /e/ available to more people).
I have a working build environment.
If someone could help me to learn more, it would be nice please :slight_smile: Thanks !

  1. j3xnlte : I think it starts failing here but no idea what it means and my searches are pointless.

Do you have made an system update on your building maschine?
For me, it looks like python errors. So check your python should be python 2

Absolutely no modification, not even a tiny little one.

python --version shows Python 2.7.16.

I use this local manifests, and there are unofficial lineageos builds made from this local manifests so it should work.

That’s good. So it’s not an python error.

And no other idea :frowning:

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