Errors in selfhosting cloud

When you click updater to update 24.0.10 to 24.0.12 - it goes to error 404 page not found.
How do I manually fix those errors and correct the settings?

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As the Murena self-hosted solution is provided by Murena, you can’t.
The update will come with a future release of the Murena self-hosted, with an upgrade guide.

Please don’t use the integrated upgdater, for both Nextcloud and apps provided by Murena.

how do I apply new updates?

Please read here: Self-hosted Nextcloud 25 is out!

Note: if your Nextcloud version is lower than 24.0.10, you’ll have to follow each upgrade guides, starting from your version (for example for NC 23.xx: upgrade-to- followed by upgrade-to-, then upgrade-to- md).

bash: /mnt/repo-base/scripts/ No such file or directory

Can someone help? was showinfo moved somehwere else? how do i know my passwords?

Please issue ls -al /mnt/repo-base/scripts.
Also please remember that Linux is case-sensitive, and there is a minus “i” in :slight_smile: