eSolutions Galaxy S9/S9+, for sale or trade

I purchased both an S9 and an S9+ from the eSolutions store
when I first heard of /e/. Fine phones, everything you’d expect from the store, but as time has gone on it’s become clear that the international S9s simply don’t play nice with T-Mobile in the US. I’m looking to replace them with a Moto G7+ and a OnePlus 6T(See here). Would be interested in a straight across trade, S9 for G7+, S9+ for 6T if anyone has them in good condition running /e/, or a 200 for the S9 300 for the S9+. Local to Western New York if anyone around there wants to look at them, happy to ship as well. Will also include 2 Lifeproof cases for the S9+ and 1 for the S9.

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I am interested in the S9+, do you have pictures so i can see its condition? Will you ship to MI?

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S9+ has sold! S9 still available!

Quick heads up to any interested, I will likely throw the S9 onto eBay tomorrow if I don’t get any interest in it by then. I’ll post the link to that here as well.