Esolutions S9: GPS very slow to lock

I’ve been using esolutions S9 for about a year now and at some point the GPS performance started to degrade pretty drastically. To be precise, the localisation estimation takes forever to find a lock (and sometimes never does). Once it does, it tracks my movement without issues so I’m assuming it’s not a hardware problem (and using a GPS testing app I can see the different GPS sats without issue).

I was waiting for the OTA in case it would get fixed but I still have exactly the same problem in Q.

I know some threads have already addressed this issue, example, is there an “official” fix/answer for this?

Try to change network-assisted positioning setting.

Good point WiFi and Bluetooth assisted modes were deactivated by default. I’ve activated them, I’ll see if it makes a long term difference.

This is something that should probably be on by default or at least have a very visible prompt the first time you use the GPS. Or maybe I missed it?

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