Etar Calendar Development

Hello all, I forked the main Etar calendar project and I’m adding support to Opentasks for visualization (a feature that many people requests)

here the github project: [GitHub - mebitek/Etar-Calendar: Android open source calendar]

Im waiting the unlock of my Redmi note 9 pro phone so I want to install /e/os and I just wanna port and develop the opentask integration to your etar fork and share with all other /e/os users.

In fact I’m facing some problems builfing your app and I cannot find any development reference on your site or community.

In particoular I have problems importing the e-ui.jar into the project (I just clone the main branch of ) and when I run it I get an error like this: Can’t convert to color: type=0x1 - I found that it is raised because the strings as “@lineageos.platform” in color.xml are not being evaluated correctly.

could you please help me?

thanks so much for your project



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Maybe you can raise an issue on gitlab and share the ID with me in this thread. I can ask the development team to check it and assist you where possible.


Thanks Manoj, here’s the issue id:

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