EU chat surveillance

The European Union is about to introduce total chat control for email, messenger and cloud services under a pretext (see for details).

This will then also affect the Murena Cloud. Are there already plans on how to deal with this in the EU area in the near future?

Do I really have to get rid of my smartphone and cloud services completely if I don’t agree with this total surveillance?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Hard times ahead ?

This would be very hard times! I’d never thought that we’ll come to this point in “free” Europe… :frowning:

I seriously hope this won’t go through. Or if so, that it will be stopped by the European Court of Justice, which has saved Europe from multiple similar attacks on the rule of law in the past.

To me, it’s quite conceivable that these repeated initiatives on the whole continent every few years are based on some kind of pressure from five eyes partner states. And someone like that German minister of interior, who has repeatedly proven in interviews that she has no clue about the subject, would of course make for an easy target.

But maybe they are all stupid enough to do this on their own, I wouldn’t be surprised.

I can read later thanks for the infos.
In my current feeling about regulation I want to believe in the Union to do what the ICANN (or idk what organisations that manages domains) is not interested in. Browsing the web has become awful experience… Smartphone monopoly is freaky.
They can start with Instagram if that’s the only breach, and I speak in the conditional but if a rationnal world emerges it will consumes less phones, I see less pollution. or not.
No regulation maybe is good for industries to create a good boom but it will be 35 degrees this summer !

This sounds scary :scream: How to survive if this will work? Dumb phones are creepy the same as iPhones. For android phone there is at least the possibility to reinstall the system for more reasonable one :thinking:

Very good question. I am planning to visit UK and I feel not secure for this country to replace stock rom with /e/ os. I would love to replace the system, but at the same time I am worried if it will be working England :thinking:

/e/OS works fine in the UK. All the chat in this thread is about what may happen in the future - none of it has happened yet, and who know what will happen in the future.