Europe shares code for new coronavirus warning app

Not related to /e/, but still interesting from the privacy point of view. A European Coronavirus warning app is being developed is being developed that is respecting the GDPR. Hope the developers are able to deliver what they promise. That would be a gain for privacy and for combating the virus.

And next step is the warning for Aids people or people which a released from prison or ate not white and and and.
Good bye privacy


@harvey186 I am rather extremely skeptical about such kinds of detecting apps - the potential of misuse is tremedeous. But after having read this (in German, sorry to all non-German speakers), I am eventually changing my opinion.

I’m afraid these methods may be reserved even after we have defeated the virus… As if it’s some sort of “historical heritages”.
Hah, we human have made a great step towards dystopia, cool.


I never will accept such types if investigations. As soon as it will be activated I will my phone outside only in flight mode.

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Yes, that’s right. You should only look in USA and Patriot Act. It’s now active since 11 years.

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