Events to present /e/ in 2019: Your chance to weigh in

Dear friends,
we are getting close to year end but the planning for 2019 is well underway. February will mark the official release of the V1 and we will have many more features and new things to speak about shortly.

In 2019, we want to increase the visibility and awareness around the project and to do so, we look to have a solid plan in place to be present at key shows around the globe. Specifically we are looking at attending events centered around “Privacy”, “Digital Rights”, “Tech in general”, the “Future of Tech” to show what /e/ is about, build some partnerships and show we can build a credible third option to the actual duopoly.
Right now our list includes events like the MWC in Barcelona, FOSDEM in Brussels, TOA in Berlin, DroidCon in Turin, RightsCon in Tunis, Paris Open Source, Web Summit in Lisbon, etc… These events tend to have visitors from all over the globe and reach several thousands of visitors over a few days. Reach and Impact.

While we will look in priority at major events to give “Keynotes” on select topics (we want to optimize travel, time invested by the core team and the possible return on that time invested), we also want to map smaller events at regional level that can also help us reach more people.

And this is where you have an opportunity to contribute.
If you know of a local/regional event that covers common topics with /e/ like privacy, open source, android, app development, and that you think is key for us to attend, please give me some additional information by replying to this message and I’ll add it to our list for consideration. If you could give an idea of number of attendees and a URL to check any available information it would be great. We could also create a shared calendar to document and keep track of our presence if we find a way to be there or represented there.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Keep in mind november each year Capitole du libre // Toulouse


I’m part of the Austrian Fairphoners and we regularly attend events related to sustainability - so not necessarily your primary target. In 2019 I will bring a demo Fairphone running /e/ to every event (it currently looks like this) and promote /e/ as one great option for the Fairphone (along with FP (Open) OS, Lineage OS, Sailfish & Ubuntu).
At some of these events we have a booth/tent where many hundreds of people will come by a day, but these will probably not be very attractive to you.

What might be more interesting is the annual #efct (European Fairphoners Community Trip). This is a week where very active Fairphone community members meet - for the past 3 years in Amsterdam to visit the Fairphone office - in 2019 maybe it will be in Stuttgart DE instead.
Besides sightseeing and getting to know each-other we usually have two days reserved for workshops and short keynotes.
The attendance is not very high, but you could introduce the ideas behind /e/ to about 30 very active FP community members who cold become multipliers and promote /e/ at events and meetups all over Europe like I will do in Vienna/Austria.

A soon as it’s fixed I’ll let you know the date and location of the #efct19 if you are interested. Another option would be you just share some material for a keynote or a short video with me and I’ll introduce /e/ to the others myself - or find someone else to do it, because tbh I’m not very keen on talking publicly.
Maybe some community material to share for local word-spreading would be a good idea anyway? Print-outs, keynotes, videos, etc…

Also if you ever attend an event near Vienna AT I’d love to come by.


With quite some delay I have 2 more suggestions:
2 events in Germany where it could be interesting to be present:

  • Re:publica is the largest conference of the digital society in Europe. It is the place to meet for network activists, bloggers, creative people, artists, business people and company representatives. Lectures and panel discussions on digital society, blogs, social media and network politics took place in May 2019 - with around 800 speakers and more than 9000 participants. The next Re;publica is goint to take place from 06. to 08. May 2020 in Berlin.
    Wikipedia: (a bit outated)

  • Chaos Computer Club (abbreviated as CCC) was founded in 1981 and is one of the longest established and most influential civil society organisations dealing with the security and privacy aspects of technology in the German-speaking world. The CCC’s annual conference had become a gathering of privacy activists from around the world. The 2018 edition was attended by 13000 participants. The next edition of the conference (36C3) is going to be held in late December 2019 in Leipzig. The call for participation will be published in Sept.


Thanks @ralxx for the heads up. Those might be good options for 2020! I’ll add them to our list for consideration