Experience using /e/ on Galaxy S4 mini?

Do not try this build the normal s4mini (serranoltexx) and the s4mini value edition (serranovelte) have different chipsets you could break stuff during flash… I will try providing a build for s4mini value edition( i9195i)

Thanks for your reply! Good thing I didn’t just try this on a hunch, in the current situation it might have taken me a while to get a new phone.

Of course, an /e/ edition for the I9591I would be amazing! Thanks a lot!

[[ROM][9.0.0][UNOFFICIAL]LineageOS 16.0 SERRANOVELTE GT-I9195I] is not /e/ OS but at least it is going in the right direction …


Flashing is and remains a risk. But the maintainer mernurisha seems to have experience with this special model.

As there is no official lineage support it is quite hard to get a bud working but i continue trying :slight_smile:

find the build here, and please give feedback…

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Installed yesterday on my 6-year-old S4 mini ‘VE’.

Very grateful to you @Chimpthepimp for allowing me to re-live this sweet 'n compact device!

Will report after installing more apps & using the phone extensively.


Most apps run fine! I started using Aurora Store to get more recent versions.

Being a photo enthusiastic, I tried some Google Camera mods from https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/ but couldn’t get any to run. Most did not even install. I guess this /e/ build is 32 bit? Gcam requires a 64 bit ROM nowadays. And still then, with just 1.5 GB RAM in the device, Gcam may not be happy.

Any possibility to enable Camera 2 API, which would also enhance photo quality e.g. in Open Camera?

I m not 100% certain about this device but know that for the standard s4 mini it is not possible to enable cam2api… :confused: it was only introduced with android lollipop…

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Anyone knows a confiable vendor or brand for S4mini’s battery?

I’ve been advised to buy Craftmann, from a local dealer, but I’m afraid it’s a Russian-only brand. Works fine for me; Accu​Battery shows 100%+ battery health.

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@nickolai Is https://f-droid.org/packages/nodomain.freeyourgadget.gadgetbridge/ possibly a workaround for issue #5?

Hey, are there any user-made roms for the S4 mini that turned out to be stable? I see several versions talked about in this and other threads, but it is rarely said which worked.

Edit: phone app crashes when called.

The june Pie version works like a charm, i have no freetime to test the december Q version

In the june pie version, the preinstalled Maps app (which as I understand is the only non-tracking alternative) said something about maps not being compatible and didn’t work.

Update Magic Earth via aurora store…
( this is the only default application you have to update by aurora )
The general case is to update with the same store you used for installing.

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Thanks. I didn’t know these apps were installed with different stores. Aurora Store wasn’t even installed. How can I tell which apps are installed with which store?

System apps are updated when you update the system
Magic Earth is the only /e/ default app witch is not open source

You can find the Open Sources apps in F-Droid store
And proprietary apps via Aurora Store witch is a anonymous client for the Gogol Store (don’t use Gogol account)

When YOU will install an app from a Store, the store will be specified in >settings >applications >app-name

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I noticed the official dev version is a much higher eOS version than the unofficial june pie one, despite only running on android nougat. I suppose eOS version matters more than base android version.

I don’t know how to update the system. That update feature in settings never works.