Experience using /e/ on Galaxy S4 mini?

I would like to try /e/ on a cheap used phone and I have picked Samsung Galaxy S4 mini because I like its small size and dual-SIM capability.

But first I would like to know what’s your experience using /e/ on this device?

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/e /OS e-0.7-n (7-nougat) offers S4mini still the possibility to “live on”. Try it out - experience makes wise ;o/

NB: All versions of Galaxy S4 I tested so far work very well with customROMS based on LineageOS.

Actually i have built a pie version for the S4mini-serranoltexx :slight_smile:

9-pie version of what? e-0.7-p-UNOFFICIAL-serranoltexx … or … lineage-16.0-UNOFFICIAL (?)

Yes sorry if it was unclear a pi/e/ version of /e/. :slight_smile:

Chimpthepimp, So, how does it work?

How do I figure out who is the /e/ developer for Galaxy S4 mini?

Hi @nickolai , unlike LineageOS we at /e/OS do not have device specific developers. The UI and app experience is also the same across all smartphones. So if you want to request a device you do it here and if you want to raise a bug you do it on gitlab. If there are device specific issues then also you raise the bug in gitlab and it gets fixed by the same set of developers.

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I just started a new build which i will share here once it is finished, as the other one got quite old in the meantime :slight_smile:


hello @nickolai,
you can find the thread about the Pi/e/ build for s4mini here please let me know how it works and keep in mind that it is a test build :slight_smile:

I figured there are more than 3 variants of Samsung Galaxy S4 mini (mentioned e.g. here on GSMArena, be sure to expand the ‘Network’ section to see the supported bands). 3 variants in particular are supported by LineageOS, LineageOS for microG and /e/:

It’s only the second one that has dual-SIM capability and it supports 3G.

However, it looks like all the variants are no longer maintained in LineageOS, and hence in LineageOS for microG. How come /e/ still maintains them, if it is based on the former? And how do you, @Chimpthepimp build Pi/e/?

i am using the sources from arco68 he is/was the maintainer for los for serranoltexx, they don t delete devices the maintainer dropped, so one can still build with it. :slight_smile:

Where are these sources located?

And what does it mean, in practical terms, that LineageOS for the device is no longer maintained? If the codebase is still good to build /e/, even with Pie, if all the hardware support is there, then it’s as good as maintained, for our purposes, no?