Experience with Microsoft Phone Link

Does anyone have experience with using Microsoft Phone Link on their /e/OS phone to be able to place calls and manage sms etc from their windows PC?

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I don’t have any experience with the Microsoft tool, but in case its use isn’t mandatory, MyPhone Explorer can do that, too … https://www.fjsoft.at/en/


Yes I have, except calls (tried once, was OK).

Working fine so far :slight_smile:
No problem to manage/send SMS, notifications, DND, volume off, …

What you should take care of:

  • keep both apps (Android & Windows) up to date, or at least to a close release date
  • Android app has some Google trackers; tried to avoid them with TrackerControl, worked fine (you’ll have to authorize some Microsoft services, of course)
  • Android app may use lot of battery when frequently switching network and/or PC (when searching for a “companion” ?); you’ll have to authorize background usage to have it work correctly

Note : Phone link behaved very bad by the past, it’s getting much better in '22.

Tested with Windows 10,11 and /e/ P,Q,R 0.20 and newer (Windows app can link to several phones, Android app can link to several PCs).

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fjsoft works amazing!! much better than MS phone link


Thanks for the feedback ! :slight_smile:
I’ll give it a try @home, but I’ll be stuck with MS @work