Experiences with update 0.20 on FP3+

Hi there! I am a bit scared to update my fp3+ (bought via /e/) from 0.19 to 0.20, because I read about some issues on the telegram-channel.
I do very much depend on my phone, so I could not image it being useless for a couple of days or even bricking it.

any advice about the update-routine and/or experiences ?
edit: if the update-routine fails: what can I do? is there a documentary for this case?
thanks in advance


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Hi! I bought my FP3 on the /e/ shop as well (more than a year ago), and never experienced any issue with updates. Did the 0.20 two days ago and all went smooth. Just make sure you have enough battery or plug your phone during the update to make sure it does not turn off while updating, that’s all.


This can happen anyway without you doing anything wrong. It’s an electronic device, it might fail you anytime.

Be prepared with a plan B, additionally backup your important data beforehand (as well as regularly).
If you can avoid it, don’t do any update when in time constraints or in adversity-unfriendly circumstances (e.g. travelling).

You can reinstall the OS using the Easy Installer or manually … either of which will wipe user data.
You can then restore the latest backup of all your important data, reinstall the Apps you use and set them up again.

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I installed the update in my /e/ preinstalled FP3 and went smoothly.

Thanks for the encouragement. I just did it and it went fine…

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@AnotherElk: any recommendation on a backup-app that does not need root-access? so far I just copied the files via drag+drop onto my laptop, but this certainly does not work after having reinstalled the OS, or am I wrong? and another question: does the routine behind the EasyInstaller has access to an “older” version of the e/OS?

thank you for your help in advance…!

If Settings - About phone - Android version (tap on it) - /e/ OS version says you run a dev build, you could activate Developer options if not done already to enable Rooted debugging there (which is not the same as rooting the phone and currently not available in stable /e/OS builds) to then have a look at ABRT mentioned here …

Sounds promising to me, but I don’t need to use it myself, so I can’t say much about it.

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Thank You for Your quick answer!
I will definitely check the scripts that come with the ABRT.
But I happen to have a fundamental problem to understand one thing: which mode should the device be in when restoring the system? If I am clueless which file is relevant for the system to work, and I restore it while the device is in normal booted mode, would that work?

I think it has to work that way.
Rooted debugging enables the possibility to open an ADB shell (= command line) as root to then do ADB operations on the phone as root.
So the phone has to offer ADB, and it has to notice that it needs to accept the request of an ADB root shell.
A normally booted system does that (if Rooted debugging is available and enabled), and the backup solution should sort most things out itself, if it’s of any worth, I didn’t look into it.
I don’t know whether other modes offering some ADB functionality would honour the Rooted debugging setting.

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So I tried the ABRT-scripts but it turned out, that my eOS lost the root-debugging-option in the 0.23 version and it is not back in 1.1…