Exploring Integration Tools for FairPhone and Linux

I have always wanted to integrate FairPhone with Debian Linux. Currently, :smile_cat:
I am using KDE Connect. :grinning:
Are there any other tools that are more user-friendly or effective? :interrobang:
Thank you :pray::pray::pray:

One of the most common Linux packages is called android-file-transfer (Arch syntax). Not always stable but allows in the very most cases a file transfer in both directions including also the SD card on the device.

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I’m nit exactly sure what you mean by “integration”.

I run Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon. When I connect my phones to the computer, they appear automatically as external drives in the File Manager app (Nemo 5.2.4). This works with a variety of phones, running /e/OS, IodéOS, and LineageOS for microG.

For me, that’s as much integration as I need: Contacts, Calendar, Notes, and Documents are synched between all my devices - phones & computers - using NextCloud and DAVx5.

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Thank you, I am looking for different tools to integrate. :pray::pray::pray:

Thank you, I’m considering different solutions. :pray::pray::pray:

Yes, but it’s still not really clear what “tools to integrate” should mean.

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I apologize for the confusion. :pray::pray::pray: What I meant by integration is:

:one:. Data synchronization
:two:. Remotely controlling the phone with Linux
:three:. Clipboard text copying
:four:. Executing Linux commands on the computer using the phone
:five:. Screen sharing

And so on, anything that makes work more convenient would be great.

Thank you :pray::pray::pray:

For that I use NextCloud: client app available for Linux fron the NextCloud web site; for the phone from F-Droid.

I don’t attempt any of the the other things

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Kenny Root created ConnectBot the same day the first Android SDK was publicly released on November 12, 2007.
And personally, I have managed web servers with it on Android 1.6 / 2 in 2010 already.
It’s been my GOTO SSH app since back then.

++ install TMUX on your computer(s)

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  1. Data synchronization:
    mix of Syncthing and nextcloud that integrates with gnome-online-accounts for Contacts/Calendar. Syncthing fans can use it to sync contacts etc too via DecSync. Sometime adb pull/push. There’s also better-adb-sync or full rsync via termux ssh.

  2. Remotely controlling the phone with Linux:
    scrcpy for mirroring the device, or gsconnect (GNOME impl. of KDE Connect)

  3. Clipboard text copying:
    to copy random text/secrets/urls between devices I use qrcodes (binaryeye on phone, zbarcam on laptop/pcs with webcam for decode + qrencode for encode, browsers have extensions). Saves me the auth/connecting hassle

  4. Executing Linux commands on the computer using the phone:
    termux + ssh, possibly mosh if on the road. For mediacenters there are remote-control Apps

  5. Screen sharing:
    either scrcpy is the answer, or to mirror/extend a screen - proprietary: Spacedesk. Open: vnc based VirtScreen or webrtc based deskreen


Thank you. :pray::pray::pray:
It looks like a lot of people are using NextCloud. :+1:

Thank you. :pray::pray::pray:
I have always wanted to execute Linux commands on my phone. :+1:

Thank you. :pray::pray::pray:
You provided very detailed information. :pray::pray::pray: