Export 3000 contacts from the /e/ contacts Apps or Cloud [SOLVED]

I have an /e/ online acccount.

I used the https://ecloud.global/ contact web interface to clean / merge contacts I accumulated over the time (duplicates clean up)

I would like to export that to some other software but the web interface only allows to IMPORT, not EXPORT.

And the e contact apps, only allow to export 1000 at a time.

I tried with a USB cable to see if I could access the contact db without success.

What would be the easiest way to export 3000 contacts from my phone or the cloud ( /e/) without having to select 3000 contacts ( 3 batch of 1000) manually on the /e/ contacts apps ?

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Super Backup on the Android store does the job

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The migration of a large number of contacts is an open bug on the gitlab. Good to hear that there is an application which resolves the issue.
@yoda67 were you able to retrieve all the contact details without errors.

From the phone, I exported my contacts using Super Backup into vcf file)
Imported them back easily from the contact app.

As I ust bought a Pixel 3a and I’m not a ROM Builder / Android / flashing ROM guru, I am now testing Graphene… They had a ROM for the Pixel 3a, so it was easier for me (less stress to damage my phone as I am new to android & Flashing Rom etc)

GrapheneOS is cool " but " some apps have having a hard time without microg :wink: I am still learning…

If I hadn’t played 1 month with /e/ I would be lost a bit with graphene… Noobie like me, at the begining, do not know about : f-droid, Aurora Store, etc etc

So yes, /e/ make it easier for none technical people wanting a secure OS without becoming " Android / secure phone / nerd " lol

Different product for different people / needs.

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