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Hi /e/ team I’m liking using /e/ and give support with a donation, I’ve downloaded my Google data zip and have deleted data (emails,pictures,documents, on Google cloud but I’ll keep my gmail account active for time being, I can read my old Google emails by using Thunderbird on my laptop and the extension ImportExportTools NG.
After installing ImportExportTools NG, on the Thunderbird mail page select internal folders then click tool’s- scroll to the bottom and import navigate to where you unzipped your Google data select mail.
I am able to view my 6000+ emails.
Does anyone know how to synchronize /e/ calendar with Thunderbird?

do you have an e.email acount / edrive ? If yes, you can get the webdav link in webbrowser / edrive. It’s https://ecloud.global/remote.php/dav/

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Thanks for info I’ll look at that.

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