Extended warranty for Murena Fairphone 4

Hi! After having tested /e/ on an old phone of mine successfully over a few weeks, I’m really considering buying the Murena Fairphone 4.
On the /e/ solutions shop it says ‘Extended warranty’ for the Murena Fairphone, but I can’t find any description what ‘extended’ means. So what I like to know is, if /e/ provides the same 5 years of warranty as Fairphone itself does or if the warranty by Fairphone also applies to the whitelabeled Murena Fairphone.

Thanks in advance!

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I am just a user myself, but I would recommend to contact both Murena (ephone_support@e.email) and Fairphone Support with your question. See Fairphone’s smallprint which I think gives some hope:


I think point 1.5 is relevant for you:

The easiest way to make sure that You are purchasing a Fairphone original product is to either buy it directly from us or from an official reseller. In case You have doubts whether you are purchasing a Fairphone original product, please contact Us before buying.

I would think Murena qualifies as an “official reseller”, but I still recommend to get assurance there.

Once you have a confirmation, don’t forget that any Fairphone 4 owner needs to register for the Extended Warranty within 90 days from delivery of the device.


I bought a Murena FP4 an can confirm: eSolutions is an “official reseller”. After purchasing just register the phone at Fairphone as described from @urs_lesse and you get the extended warranty.