External Texting Options

Hello! I have a problem I have been trying to figure out and I wanted to know if there were any solutions to it.

I presently have a murena one. I would like to be able to text with it from my computer or from a keyboard attached to the phone. Is there any way this can be done with e/os that is privacy safe? I’ve looked at a lot of options and have not yet found one that seems to make work. Similarly, I’ve looked at a lot of apps, but none of them appear to be safe. Does anyone have any suggestions that could work?
Thank you.

I use the Signal messenger app.
This has a desktop client for computer as well.
I use the app on /e/os in parallel with the desktop client.
Both are in sync.
Perhaps this works for you

Signal can only reply to other people who use signal.

KDE Connect (or its gnome clone gsconnect for Linux) offers the texting function of Android to an external device. You install on both devices, handheld / computer. I see it’s available for many platforms

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As far as external keyboard is concerned that’s pretty straightforward.
Use a USB OTG adapter for wired or wireless (with dongle) keyboard or use a Bluetooth one.