Extremely annoying alarm sound

My Fairphone 4 with e/OS is giving a loud ding-dong like sound which seems to be an alarm. When it sounds (often more than 10 times a day and night) a brief line saying Account Manager appears for a few seconds on the screen. I never in a year had the possibility to react, but nothing adverse occurred.
I am extremely annoied by that alarm. How can I delete it?

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Is it an Notification? Do you have Notificationhistory on? You might check there from which app it comes :thinking:

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If it is a Notification sound the first place to look is Settings > Sounds and vibration. Here you can check Default notification sound. You should be able to tap and see the name of the sound, tap again and play it, to check if this is the offender. You could now change to a new sound. Silent (none, top of list) is also an option.