Extremely slow /e/OS while installing apps

Hi :smile: is it normal for /e/OS to install one single app from the store for like 5 minutes? Plus sometimes I have to click few times to install so it will proceed. I use WiFi which on other devices is extremely fast :thinking: Some apps didn’t want to run after installing, what could this mean?

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I guess you have a very short visibility of the screen and energy saving is also activated.

When the display gets dark energy saving is triggered which results in slowing down a lot of processes to save as much energy as possible. This is good to reproduce during the long system updates which typically last an hour or so when the display is dark.

Keep the display awake during the installation.


okay, this seems logical :sweat_smile: however after reinstalling the system again to lower version I have noticed that I have slow down in installing apps from play store like protonmail or signal messenr and with f-droid open store apps it is much faster houh :thinking:

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