(F-Droid) app to unzip folder


Far from home, I need to share photos from an email I sent three days ago. I could download the *.7z folder from my /e/mail client and I’m looking for an app to unzip it but can’t found such an app on F-Droid. Gosth Commander doesn’t work with *.7z extension…

Thanks a lot for advice.

PS : can’t use a PC for three days more… and automotive expertise is an a hurry.

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you can use ZArchiver from the /e/ store.

It has no trackers, nor does it require unnecessary permissions

I use “MK Explorer (File Manager)” to replace the default Files app (too limited features) and it can zip and unzip. But I can’t find it anymore on F-Droid… Only on the Google Play (and the /e/ Apps installer).

Try use a file manager and not an app dedicated to zip and unzip if you don’t find one.

Total Commander 3.0 beta 1 for Android is available now! (with direct APK download from the author)

“Unpack rar5, 7z, tar, gz, z, bz2, arj, lzh, iso, img, cab in addition to zip and rar, using the 7zip library”

Thanks a lot.

ZArchiver works fine and is OK for ClassyShark (as said above). I added no data-use settings and that’s rock (in main profile).

Back home (in a few days), I will test other solutions, so this thread can go on…

Thanks anyway.