F-droid is offering updates for a bunch of stock apps

I just downloaded f-droid from the f-droid website and it shows that it can update some stock apps and some I downloaded from the /e/ app store. See photo below.

Everything is fully updated in /e/ app store.

Should I update using f-droid too or will is there a risk of braking something?

Stock S9+ bought from /e/ website.

Try not to update system apps. User apps can be updated.

Thanks, Interesting combining these two responses. So I guess non of the apps shown in my screenshot are system apps?

If anyone else has more opinions, I wouldn’t mind.

Hi @kdkf these apps are system apps. The update for these will be in the next build. Currently we are testing the fixes and updates as you can check here. The build with these fixes will take a week to reach your device. Not sure you will be able to update system apps through FDroid.

Ok, then I think its best I wait for the ‘official’ update through the /e/ store.

Thanks Man to the oj

i always update all plausible apps from f-droid, no matter system or user and havo no any problems, if i was you ill update all this.