Face proximity sensor activation delay on Samsung S10+ with 1.5s

I’m having some trouble with the face/proximity sensor on my phone (the sensor that detects when you have your phone close to your head/ear and deactivates the screen, to prevent accidental activation or any app/menu while you’re talking on the phone).

On my phone, the sensor seems to have a 1-1.5s delay, which means almost every time I answer the phone, I end up accidentally launching a new app or accessing one of the status bar buttons.

I was wondering if anybody has encountered this issue so far.

This is what I’m running:
Samsung Galaxy S10+
/e/OS 1.5s (1.5.1-s-20221102231515-dev-beyond2lte)
default launcher and phone apps

I haven’t run this phone on its “stock” Android ROM, so have no idea if it had this issue before /e/OS).

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I have been thinking about this and there might be another possibility - not a matter o delay but a matter of detection range. I have seen one app which allows you to see the output of all the sensors off your phone. For the proximity sensor, it allows you to set the range.
I am thinking it is possible the proximity sensor range is configured too short, hence y problem. Does anyone know if there is any way of tuning this range in the /e/OS itself? (the setting in the app that I mentioned, is active only inside this app).

After doing quite a bit of research on the net, it seems this is a hardware problem, not an /e/OS problem - lots of people report “funky” proximity sensors on Samsung S10, with weird behaviour.

Also, since the sensor is located on the right side of the phone (not in the middle), people who use their phone against their right ear, tend to put the ear towards the left side of the phone, uncovering the sensor and then the ear lobe starts providing fake touch inputs to the screen.