Facial recognition on OnePlus6

Hi there,

I was just wondering if someday /e/ will be able to use the facial recognition some other OSes have?

If I understand correctly facial recognition requires Google Services?


Facial recognition could also be proprietary code so may not be ideal for /e/OS.

I guess people concerned with privacy would never use such feature. I never did but my wife and sister do. And love it!

Why people concerned with privacy wouldn’t use it?
If the facial recognition is made locally and never leaves your device?
I don’t know if it’s possible though. …

Are you sure about it? I’m not.

Every website says your password and data are safely stored, but there are a lot of security breaches leading to data leaks.

So a phone could be hacked too.

A password can be changed, not a face. That’s why I prefer stick to the old fashion password.

Exactly my point.

Since is very easy to hack a phone’s webcam (used for the facial recognition) and with the rising of Deepfake one can’t be too careful.

Here’s an example of Deepfake: https://facb69.com.br/deepfake/Deepfake_example.gif

Fair enough! Thanks for the comments