Facial unlock functional?

I am going to build /e/ for xiaomi mi pad 4 plus, ‘clover’. This pad is equipped with facial unlock, and I’m wondering if it works in /e/… Anyone with an S9 can tell me? Or anyone who uses the facial unlock feature could tell me?

You mean ‘face’ unlock, or not ?

What else could it be ? :wink:

I only want to be sure. And i think it would be better to edit the posts headline so people with face unlock knowledge will visit the post. And hoping they will help, because i have no knowledge about that feature.

Facial recognition isn’t wrong at all :slight_smile:
Wikipedia redirects “face recognition” to “facial recognition”.
My translator shows facial before face.
And instinctively I would have said facial.

Lost in translation :joy::+1:

Yes, I meant ‘face’ unlock, you understood perfectly.

Have you got a phone with face unlock? Do you use it, and it works well?

I am not sure face-unlock would work for open source phones. The whole issue with Xiaomi blobs being blocked on TheMuppets was because the face - unlock feature was proprietary and a company had raised a legal objection to the code being available as open source. May run into similar issue here…unless there are open source apps that do this.

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Ok, thank you so much. Good to know. I’ll try to find a workaround, anyone know of source code download online for this feature?

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did you find anything?

“Google removed the Trusted Face (FaceUnlock) feature for security reasons (see this post)”

Source: https://github.com/opengapps/opengapps/wiki/Advanced-Features-and-Options

Really! that’s surprising. Thanks for the link