Fail to share internet access via wifi

Following a silly attempt to activate developer options, with today’s latest /e/OS (2.1-t-stable) I find myself unable to share my internet connection properly…
The phone continues to access internet, my computer does connect OK to the wifi sharing, but there is no internet access through it afterwards…
While I tried to revert anything I did in the dev options, also deactivating them, I still cannot get back.

Any idea?
Thank you!

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What phone are you using? So you are setting phone to WiFi Hotspot then? Inside the Hotspot setting what security are you using and is Extend compatibility turned on?

Thank you Jets!

→ Fairphone 3

→ WPA2-personal; extended comp. is ON

I also have a parameter, difficult to find, that allows the phone to ‘continue scanning wifi networks even when wifi is off’. I just switched that off this has no effect…

The worst in all that is the fact we have a second Fairphone, with exactly the same /e/OS version, that DOES share properly, and there are so many parameters I find myself unable to track the difference between them…
(of course, internally mine still connects itself properly, fetching mail, reading web etc.)
That’s why I wonder whether my short activation of dev features could have switched a faulty setting :frowning:

Developer option should not effect that basic phone function.

When you say: “(of course, internally mine still connects itself properly, fetching mail, reading web etc.)”. Where is it getting the data from to get mail and such, the cellular data?

All I see on the screen is ‘4G’. The phone connects internet without external wifi sources, but I don’t know if there a dedicated setting that’d impose or prevent things after that…

You could try this: Settings → System → Reset options then reset Wi-Fi, mobile and Bluetooth (BT).

Keep in mind you will lose all saved Wi-Fi networks, BT device and the 4G will reset. The 4G won’t normally cause issues unless you had to manual change the APN to get data in the first place, but this is usually not an issue. But as I said you will lose all saved Wi-Fi and BT settings.

Thank you for continueing on this thread!
I’m going to try this as soon as I have some time. I am a bit doubtful though, as my other devices do connect to the phone properly a this moment…