Failed downloads in the /e/ app store

Much as I appreciate all the hard work that seems to have gone into creating this app stare for /e/, I have noticed that a few downloads I’ve made have failed to install the app in question. I saw this first with the update feature because I had downloaded Titanium Backup and TunnelBearVPN from other repositories and updates for them appeared in the /e/ app store, but after what seemed a normal download the “Installing” button got stuck and the app was never updated. I tried removing the old versions and reinstalling but the same thing happened.
Another curious aspect of this is that when looking at my Downloads folder with the native Files app in /e/ it shows repeated attempts at different dates to download these apps with the date indicated and the remark “downloading” appears to the right of it.
The same thing happened with another app I tried installing directly from the /e/ app store, namely Google Trips Travel Planner. It also was never installed correctly.
Using another file manager app I can see no trace of these apps at all in the Download folder, so presumably the download was never actually completed.
On the other hand, I have successfully installed a number of other apps with no problem. The device I use is a Samsung Note 2.

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It may be the same problem as here /e/ app store troubleshooting
Is the /e/ for Samsung Note 2 based on Android Nougat?

Thanks for the link. Yes, it appears to be a problem with Nougat builds as that is the case with my Note 2.