Failed to Start Camera Preview

Hi, I have a Samsung S9+ and the camera doesn’t work. I installed the stable build of 1.0, and last night updated to the 1.1 release.

In both cases when I launch the camera it opens with a black screen with the error ‘Failed to start camera preview’ followed by a second error ‘Serious Camera Fault’. If I switch to selfie mode the front camera works fine. Problem is only with the main camera.

I hope there are a lot of Samsung S9+ users out there as it has been supported for a while. Are other users having the same problem or is it just me? Anyone have a fix? I have not built my own rom, just using the standard stable build.

It was all working fine with the stock Samsung rom.


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The first thing to try is to delete the camera app cache or the data storage.

The first may not work. The second will clear all your camera settings. You will get a “fresh start” with the camera.

Go to Settings > Apps and notifications > Show all apps > Camera > Storage > Clear storage | Clear cache.

Hi, afraid I have given that a go to no avail. I also tried several different camara apps, which all produced the same error message.

Thank you for the suggestion though.


I have the same issue with FP3+. I guess this is related to the latest buggy release. For me Open Camera did work.

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