Failure of emergency alerts in v1.1 on Samsung Galaxy S7

I have been running /e/ on my Galaxy S7 for about a year. Prior to the v1.0 update, I was able to receive emergency notifications. I specifically recall getting one Amber alert for my area. However, since the update there has been a recent emergency in my area that I was not notified of on my phone (, despite my settings allowing all wireless emergency alerts. My wife and kids all received an alert for this specific event, but I got none. Further, when I try to open the Emergency alert history, my screen just flashes and then takes me back to the settings page for Wireless emergency alerts.

This may be an underlying issue with Lineage, or with the specific implementation for my phone. However, I figured I should post it because it is potentially life-threatening not to receive such notifications.

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I agree. Pl can you raise this issue on gitlab.
In case of errors in creating the GitLab issue, check this guide

Thanks, @Manoj. Done!