Faiphone 3 camera module exchange, (upgrade)

I would like to replace the camera module on my Fairphone 3 without + and install the
+module (48MP).
My version is IMG-e-0.17-q-20210621
Can I replace this without problems, what do I need to consider.
Thank you very much.

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The only requirement I’m aware of for the new FP3(+) camera module is Android 10.
As you are on Q already, there is no software obstacle IMHO.

Hardware-wise it seems that not everybody got it working on first attempt, see Be careful with the connectors when replacing a module - Fairphone 3 - Fairphone Community Forum

Other than that, have a look at the guides


Just to keep you from disappointment, the 48 MP camera module for the Fairphone 3 has a 48 MP sensor, but the pictures produced from it will still be 12 MP pictures.


Does that mean it’s not really advisable to upgrade?

The 12 MP pictures produced from the 48 MP sensor will be better because they are calculated from more “information”. As far as I understand, each output pixel will be calculated as an average (simplified speaking) from 4 input pixels. So there should be less picture “noise” and fewer light outliers.

For most purposes, an 48 MP picture file would be quite an overkill (48 MP is actually 24 times the pixels of a Blu-ray still).


Many thanks for tips and answers. I will install the camera module when I get the chance.

There’s a good video, if you don’t know it already …

The replacement of the camera module worked perfectly. :grinning:



With my SO we both have Fairphones with /e/, mine is a Fairphone3 and hers a 3+, /e/ working perfectly on both.

Now I can see her pictures are much better than mine, due to the better camera on Fairphone 3+, and I know for ordinary ‘GAPPs-Fairphones’ it is easy to buy just the new 3+ camera and plug it in place of the old one.

My question is, if I do this with an /e/ Fairphone, is there any risk?
Any adjustment to be performed before, after, any experience doing it…?
(I already have the latest /e/ version as of today, same as hers)

Thank you!

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Did you already check that both phones take pictures with the same settings in the camera App?

I guess this post here should have the necessary info …


Thank you @AnotherElk ! I didn’t find that post myself, probably because of the approximate wording (‘exchanche’) :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Thanks again!

What is without risk?
Even switching on the smartphone is a risk. :wink:

No adjustment to be performed before, after.

The biggest risks are related to the big plug, if I remember well. The camera Module is connected to the main board via a very short (5mm) “cable” which has a big flat plug on the camera module. A risk is to damage the cable while pulling the plug from the old camera module. Be careful with that. Another risk is to put this plug canted onto the new camera module. You must pay attention on that, the plug must be positioned very exactly and without any angles. I guess the user has not many tries to do that, perhaps 10 or so.

No. Just your two hands and a screwdriver.


Very significant and detailed -thank you very much!