Fairfone 3 Purchase and free earphone Promotion

Hi eCloud community,

I am considering purchasing a Fairfone 3 and also a Star Labs Labtop Mk IV to further enhance privacy and finally have Linux as my main OS.

I have a question on both

  1. Fairfone 3 is available currently with free headphones from Fairfone.com. Is this promotion also available from e foundation at time of purchase i.e. before 31st of July 2020? I realise there is a difference in price. I am migrating from Nokia 7.1.

  2. Star Laptop Mk IV has anyone had experience with previous versions of these Star labtops. I am considering purchasing a Star Labtop with Zorin OS preinstalled and am moving away from an Apple Macbook Pro with Presonus Studio One to Zorin OS and Ardour 5?

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Fairphone purchased from /e/ were eligible for free earphone but It’s seems this promotion isn’t available anymore. The link to register for this promotion was https://promotions.fairphone.com/earphones

The promotion currently available on the Fairphone site seems to be only for Fairphone purchased from Fairphone web shop according to the terms and conditions : https://www.fairphone.com/en/legal/terms-conditions-fairphone-3/#18promotionsandoffers

Consider buying your Fairphone from the /e/ shop if you don’t want to install /e/ yourself. It will also help the project financially :wink:

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I wonder if the promotion could be reactivated by /e/ foundation as this seems to be the second time Fairfone have run the promotion this year.
I would like to buy from /e/ shop to support the project.
Thank you

I have no idea, maybe @alexis would be able to answer that since he shared the link for this promotion.

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This time, this promotional action is limited to the Fairphone site. Best regards. Alexis


Hi Alexis,

Thank you for the clarification.


I thought I would provide an update. I have decided not to purchase a Fairfone 3 and instead purchased a used moto g7 dual sim instead today.
Looking forward to installing eOS on it using a mac so should be fun.