Fairphone 2 Build types

Is it recommended on a FP2 to switch from build type “dev” to “stable”? Would there be advantages?
If yes, could someone be so kind to give me instructions on how can it be done. Thank you!

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I wouldn’t bother, personally.

  • Stable builds for the Fairphone 2 are not mentioned in the install documentation … https://doc.e.foundation/devices/FP2/install,
    so while they are apparently being built currently, I wouldn’t yet count on this being intentional, or guaranteed to continue.

  • From the point of view of right now, any incarnation of Android still being supported by anybody on the Fairphone 2 will run out of security update support somewhen early 2024, because that’s when Android 11 (= what the Fairphone 2 has, at max) will most likely run out of security update support, and there’s no Android 12 in sight for the Fairphone 2 currently (I would very much like to be corrected here).
    But feel free to make the switch to stable, which by default should involve wiping your data, for a few months to go (reasonably). The switch is a new install, see link above.

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