Fairphone 2 freezes and reeboots after upgrade to v14 Q

Hi Guys,

I’ve upgraded my Fairphone 2 from v.13 Pie to v.14 Q on Sunday. The upgrade itself didn’t went smoothly at all and I had to swpie the phone completely. But finally I got it running. Then yesterday (Tuesday) it started rebooting first occasionally and finally permanently. Sometimes it even didn’t make it through the boot. Now it even gets stuck in the first Fairphone screen which pops up when pressing the power buttom. Sometime I can make it into TWRP Recovery. I’ve tried to swipe it again but it freezed in the midle of the swiping process.

Does anyone have the same problem or can help?


By completely you mean you didn’t only wipe the data partition, but also other partitions (see step 4 in this guide for an example)?

yes exactly, all partitions, exactly as in Step 4.
Then I installed v13 Pie again and loaded a backup file from the SD card. After this worked well. I’ve tried again to upgrade tp v14 Q, which worked (the first time I forgot to wipe Cache and Dalvik…) but then the SD card was not recognized anymore so I formatted it.
After I restored all data from e.cloud the phone worked for one day before the problem began…

Hopefully as external storage?
Using an SD card as Internal Storage may result in unstability.

no as internal, I was not aware that internal causes instability :’(

I’m currently trying to rescue my FP2 by following your instructions in the FP forum…
I was able to install the new TWRP version but during wipe it crashed again. I removed the SD card before.

It may. Doesn’t mean it does in every case :wink: .
But if you removed the card anyway and the behaviour is still the same, the card seems to be innocent.

By the way, did you format data, or only wipe it?
And the mentioned guide has an Addendum on how to format other partitions than data. Following it, you could try to format at least the system partition before trying to install something again. Wiping only deletes files.

ich glaube wir können auch deutsch schreiben :wink:
ich habe tatsächlich nur gewipet und nicht formattiert, das Problem ist aber, dass das Handy nach ein paar Sekunden im Recovery Modus einfriert und ich dann gar nix mehr machen kann…

Das klingt tatsächlich gar nicht gut und nach Hardware. Da gehen mir dann auch die Ideen aus bis auf vielleicht die einzelnen Module auseinanderbauen, Kontakte vorsichtig mit Reinigungsalkohol oder Isopropanol reinigen, alles wieder zusammenbauen … hier ist ein nettes Video: https://youtu.be/tHBpBFHH5b8.

Wenn das auch nichts hilft und es in der Nähe Fairphone Angels gibt, ließe sich vielleicht mit dem Tauschen von Modulen das Problem identifizieren.

okay mittlerweile komme ich noch nicht mal mehr in die Recovery rein.
Scheinbar muss ich mich damit abfinden, dass es an der Hardware liegt. Wobei es schon komimsch ist, dass das so kurz nach dem Upgrade auf v14 Q passiert…
Dennoch vielen Dank für deine Hilfe!!!