Fairphone 2 (v2.0-r) Error "microG Services keep stopping"

Hello everyone,
I updated 2 “Fairphone 2” from v1.21-r to the latest release v2.0-r (Android 11). Since then, a popup with the following content has appeared very often (sometimes every minute):
“microG Services keep stopping”
The following actions are offered:

The microG Services is installed in the following version: (0ade9a9)

I have already carried out the following actions:

  1. The Fairphones are originally set to German. Changing the language to English did not fix the error.
  2. Deleting the cache and memory of the “microG Services” app was unsuccessful

Can you help me how to fix the error?
Is it possible to send the error to the maintainer so that it is fixed in the next release?

Thank you very much for your help

There is a similar older thread microG Services Core keeps stopping

and a Gitlab issue came from that https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/949.

microG have two closed issues https://github.com/microg/GmsCore/issues/1953 and https://github.com/microg/GmsCore/issues/2213.

Getting a log of the event would be a first start. A few ways are mentioned in the threads and there is https://doc.e.foundation/support-topics/create-a-log.html.

Does the issue persist if you run the phone in Safe Mode?

Press the physical Power off button then Long press the Power off icon. This might indicate if a Third party app is responsible.


Thank you for the quick reply and the good advice.
It is not possible to identify which third party app is causing the problem. The error is displayed everywhere, regardless of which app is currently active in the foreground. Perhaps the log file will help with error analysis. How can I upload it here?
The phone was operated in safe mode for around 0.5 hours. The error did not occur during this time.

Try this https://paste.tchncs.de/

As I think you guessed … a third party app might be responsible … can you uninstall such apps in the reverse order you installed them?

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I updated a Fairphone 2, too, which doesn’t show this issue.
Just as another data point hinting at an App being responsible.

Thank you for your reports. It really was a third party app (Viessmann ViCare, version 3.26.1). After uninstalling, the error no longer appeared. As soon as the app is reinstalled, the errors appear again. So I’m uploading the log file. Maybe you can see something to find a workaround for using this app or to correct something in /e/OS.

Best regards

(upload are valid for one day and 100 readings)

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