Fairphone 3 and /e/OS

:100: Points from me!

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As a proud owner of an FP2 running /e/OS how could I not cheer to that.

This is great news and another step on the path to a better world.

Way to go people, way to go.


Hi @alexis, this is definitively a great news !

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I was asking the same question for those who already have a FP3 and want to proceed with /e/ flashing by themselves, will the bootloader will be locked after flashing … and I just noticed that at the end of the flashing process :

The bolded text make me fell that it has been added or at least highlighted to avoid to answer to this question again and again … :smile:
/e/ is definitively a must have :ok_hand:

Bonjour Alexis,
J’ai acheté un Fairphone 3 en décembre, puisqu’il ne devait y avoir que “quelques semaine” pour avoir un autre OS que Google. 6 mois après, e/OS arrive (youpi) et je me jette sur le tuto pour l’installer. Le bootloader est déverrouillé, l’EOM et l’USB aussi, mais l’ordi (un surface pro 4) ne le reconnait pas.
Ensuite, quand on me demande de taper adb device, où dois je le faire ?
le fairphone n’a jamais fonctionné, il n’a pas de sim (elle est prête mais pas dans le téléphone) je n’aime vraiment pas GOOGLE.
Merci d’avance

Au secours!

Bon jour, @rico

Welcome to /e/Land,
moi non plus j’aime pas Gogol,

Voici un How To très clair et très détaillé
pour installer/e/OS sur le FairPhone 3
avec plein de super photos, merci @Chimpthepimp


Édit :
le schmylblique a été écris pour Minux, mais ça change pas grand chose, pour les autres OS, à la place du “terminal”, il faut simplement utiliser :
"Invite de commande" sous Windobe,
et "console" sous MaQueue.


Bienvenu rico,
J’ai flashé /e/ à partir d’Ubuntu, je ne pourrai donc pas être d’une aide pour la procédure de ton OS mais “adb devices” est logiquement une command line à saisir dans le terminal (je ne suis pas expert). Ce topic est pour annoncer l’arrivée de /e/ sur Fairphone 3 je t’encourage à créer un Topic dans la partie Francophone, je pense que tu trouveras des gens prêts à t’aider.

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bonjour Alexis,

merci pour ce retour.

bonne journée.

Hello e.buddies

Is there any news about the /e/ Fairphone pre-order & shipping date ?

Thank you !

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Hi guys,

What great news. This is the phone & OS combination I always dreamed off.
You did a great job. :ok_hand: :clap: :smiley:

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I have ordered my fairphone 3 from fairphone directly more than three weeks ago now and still haven’t received it. I don’t know if it would be any faster ordering from /e/.

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I also ordered a Fairphone 3 more than a month ago directly from Fairphone and received nothing either.

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We have received inventory to cover for our pre-orders and we are shipping out this week.
We will place additional orders very soon.


Hi Alexis,

My finger is above the ‘enter’-button, this is how close I am to ordering a Fairphone3.

But I have a bit of a problem in decision taking.

I live in Amsterdam. When I scream the people over at Fairphone can hear me. They sell it for 450,- euro.I have to flash the phone myself but that’s no problem. Done it before, will do it again. I appreciate Fairphone to the max.


I pay 479,- euro to /e/ and receive a pre-installed Fairphone3 and I hope that I support /e/ by buying it from them. I love beautiful /e/ also and like to support them.

I prefer the latter option.

But there is one drawback with that option and that is that Fairphone offers FREE earphones (49,- euro) and /e/ doesn’t.

So, Alexis, do you offer the FREE earphones too?

Grtz, sassonie

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I third option might be to buy from Fairphone “across the street” and donate to /e/ foundation to support them.


We are an eligible reseller for the Fairphone earphones promotion. It is a Fairphone promotion and after your purchase you will need to register with them to benefit from the free earphones.
More details here: https://promotions.fairphone.com/earphones


Awesome :heart_eyes:, I’m waiting for my Fairphone 3 delivery (should arrive tomorrow) and wasn’t aware of this promotion !
@alexis thank a lot for the tips !

Hi, just a short question @Ceddev :
When did you order the FP3 from fairphone?

And grats to your new phone! I am looking forward to receiving mine hopefully soon, too. :slight_smile:

Hello !
Thank you for the tip Alexis. I’ve just ordered a Fairphone 3 with /e/OS from the eFoundation on tuesday 19 may.I hope I’ll be able to benefit from this offer ?

I ordered it from /e/ on April 29, 2020.