Fairphone 3 and /e/OS

Today we are announcing that Fairphone and eFoundation are officially partnering to release the Fairphone 3 with /e/OS!

This is very partnership and milestone for us as it will enable us to reach many more people that share similar values and that have been waiting for a better OS for their Fairphone.
When Fairphone community members were asked what their preferred alternative operating system (OS) was for the next Fairphone, the Fairphone 3, they voted for /e/OS.

So for us it was really important to find a way to reach those users. We have been in discussion with Fairphone for quite some time and they have been very collaborative in helping us port the OS for their machine.

Fairphone 3 with /e/OS will start shipping May 6th. Anyone interested can pre-order today here.

Existing Fairphone 3 owners can download /e/OS here.

We are very thrilled with this development and looking forward to welcome many more users to /e/!

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This is really exciting news, and exactly what I’m looking for in a smartphone at the hardware and software level. I’m sure there’ll be many things to improve but things can only get better from here on, and I’m fully on board.

Keep up the good work, many thanks for listening to the community! :clap:


Get your deGoogled phone now!

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For the record, the idea to sell a pre-installed FP3 came from This text will be hiddenme! (see link) But you don’t need to thank me, it was my pleasure. :innocent:

Edit: Not correct Fairphone 3 and /e/OS


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This is amazing, just was I was looking for, thanks! So, if I understand correctly, in case there is some problem with the phone, we would be able to solve it through this forum, but if there is a hardware problem or a software problem not related to /e/OS, then I understand that Fairphone is in charge of the warranty, right?

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Hey, guys,

the announcement of the partnership of /e/ with FairPhone3 should give a good visibility to the project, and I hope, the media recognition necessary for its development.



Hi Alexis,
What could be awesome is that thanks to this partnership, the Fairphone 3 would be sold by /e/ with bootloader locked. This would be a killing added value !


Great news! I think there will be a good cooperation since both companies share already a lot of values!

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Great news, I already have a Fairphone 3 and strongly support their mission, but also want to change to an open source OS that I (new to tech) could actually get working. I do have a question, maybe due to inexperience, but my FP3 is currently on Android 9 which is Pie and the installation guide clearly states that I would downgrade when installing /e/ which could brick my phone. So is my device currently not able to install/run /e/? And I should wait for an update? Perhaps stupid questions, but I was unsure whether I am understanding this correctly.


I was waiting for that :heart_eyes: !
Already so happy with my /e/ S7, just needed something more recent, Fairphone 3 is just perfect for that.

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Not looking for a competition but I’ll just leave this here, same thread, second post :slight_smile:

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@j8ter You are on Pie and /e/ is on Pie so no problem :slight_smile:


I am wondering about the same. When I check my Android version on my FP3 it tells me only “Android 9”. Is this now a downgrade to Android Pie / LOS 16.x?
I was running all the updates so far (last update 5. of April. Can I follow the install install instructions without worrying about the downgrading thing?

Warning : Do not attempt to downgrade your smartphone in case you are on Android Q / LOS 17.0 or Android Pie / LOS 16.x.

Downgrading a device from Q or Pie to Oreo or Nougat operating system can cause your device to brick and become unusable.

If you are on these OS versions Please stop at this point and continue using your current Operating System.

Does that mean that if our FP3 is under Android 9 we can’t install /e/? Normally all FP3 are sold with Android 9, so nobody can install it :thinking:

Does that mean that if our FP3 is under Android 9 we can’t install /e/? Normally all FP3 are sold with Android 9, so nobody can install it :thinking:

This means that anyone who has left their device under android 9 pie can safely install /e/ 9 pie directly.

Those who have upgraded their device to the android 10 Q LineageOS 17, should be very careful not to install /e/ 9 pie directly, but follow an alternative process with intermediate steps.

The documentation has to be edited, the disclaimer is inherited from an installation /e/ 7 nougat


I asked in the /e/ testing group and that warning text is the same for all devices which means that for some it just doesn’t apply. I think the important part is

Downgrading a device from Q or Pie to Oreo or Nougat operating system can cause your device to brick and become unusable.

For the FP3 there is no Oreo or Nougat, so you’re safe. Otherwise two dozen people would have bricked their phone in the beta testing :wink:

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Therefore this hint should be removed. It only creates uncertainty and irritation. This also applies to other devices supported by /e/ OS.


Installed via Mac OS without issue.
Had a little help with Adb & Fastboot via this YouTube video (more to explain terminal navigation.

Installed without any problems.
Thank-you team

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Thanks a lot for clarification! I thought already it’s not really applying to my phone. I got the phone with Android Pie and did not do any special upgrades by myself. I would suggest adjusting the text in the installation guide, too.

Thanks a lot to all the people who made this possible.