FP3 Issues and Troubleshooting

Hi, I am very happy for FP3 support!
I just installed /e/OS on FP3. I received an error in the procedure indicated here https://doc.e.foundation/devices/FP3/install.

I changed

$ fastboot -w


$ fastboot erase cache

getting this error:

erasing ‘cache’…
FAILED (remote: Partition table doesn’t exist

and with

$ fastboot erase userdata

returned status OKAY.

I am on Debian 10. FP3 has now started and seems to be working. I will update the post after usage test. Thank you!

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I got a similar error on Mac OS:

./fastboot -w
Creating filesystem with parameters:
    Size: 52335448064
    Block size: 4096
    Blocks per group: 32768
    Inodes per group: 8192
    Inode size: 256
    Journal blocks: 32768
    Blocks: 12777209
    Block groups: 390
    Reserved block group size: 1024
Created filesystem with 11/3194880 inodes and 246608/12777209 blocks
target reported max download size of 534773760 bytes
Erase successful, but not automatically formatting.
File system type  not supported.
erasing 'userdata'...
OKAY [  0.446s]
sending 'userdata' (140617 KB)...
OKAY [  3.069s]
writing 'userdata'...
OKAY [  0.790s]
erasing 'cache'...
FAILED (remote: Partition table doesn't exist
finished. total time: 4.311s

Will this cause me any trouble later on?

My phone works very well despite the error made during installation. I just have a couple of small problems with audio on video calls and LiveDisplay: display’s color temperature doesn’t change at all. I will report a bug next days. Overall I’m very satisfied with /e/!

Yeah, that’s already known and issues exist in the bug tracker: LiveDisplay doesn't work on Fairphone 3

Hi lkesjbnrti,
since I couldn’t find any indication searching the internet and my phone was new, I ignored the error

erasing ‘cache’…
FAILED (remote: Partition table doesn’t exist

and moved on to the next command:

fastboot flash system.img

and then all the others as indicated in the installation guide. I had no further problems with the procedure. My phone was new, never used. Now after a few days of use I can say that I have no major problems. Unfortunately, I can’t give you any more details. I’m just a beginner at this. Hope helps!

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Thank you! I didn’t know that.