Fairphone 3 battery drain while idle with new install

/e/ on Fairphone 3, lineage_FP3-userdebug 9 PQ3A.190801.002 eng.root.20200428.185457 dev-keys.
I know it’s just out there for a few days, but it was beta-tested a few days more.

From the moment I disconnected the new install from charging, it was draining 3% battery per hour, when being idle.

Battery settings say “Battery usage data isn’t available.” … so the OS thinks there was no notable usage.

Is there experience out there with this already?
Will /e/ be able to optimise this drain away in a few days or so?

I’ve never seen a drain like that while idle with the stock Fairphone OS (battery life rather tends to be awesome).

I haven’t really used the FP3 during beta testing much, just checked if things are working.

But I did notice something that might be related: AccuBattery is not able to determine the discharge rate for screen on. It is always shown as “-%/h” while for the screen off it works and shows “-0.2%/h”.

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I’ve got /e/ on a Motorola G4 Play (new battery) and experience similar drain when idle. Seems to slowly get better, maybe the OS takes a while to optimize?

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I hoped for some optimisation, but the drain got even slightly worse.
I tried a few things which didn’t help, in the end I did a factory reset and set my things up again from the start.

Currently the battery loses a little less than 1% per hour when idle. Not great when compared to the my former stock OS setup, but much better. Whether I can live with that will depend on how battery life looks when I use the phone normally.

A day of normal usage today … and Android optimisation seems to have kicked in.
Battery use when idle is almost non-existent, looks a lot like with the stock OS now.
Battery decrease when the phone is in use looks reasonable now, too.

For me the problem is solved.