E os screenshot

Can anyone please provide me screenshot of /e/ foundation os … of lock screen, home screen, battery use info, about device


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You can install any launcher you like, and then the home screen will look different accordingly, but here’s the default /e/OS launcher …


… and here are some others …

Will depend on everything … device, installed Apps, personal usage … and be different in every way, what does a screenshot help here?


Can you please provide battery usage screen shot :pray:

Aa… sorry to bother you again
Can you please tell me …
Can we use this rom for daily purpose without any issue
Are you a daily user of this rom on your primary device…

That’s the plan. And in general this will work. As with any other OS there can be issues, too, but usually not everybody will experience them.

Yes. I have not much to complain about currently, but not everybody is so lucky, as you can see in this forum.

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Is there any battery drain issue …
That’s why I asked u for battery usage screen shot and u send other screen shot

I have no battery drain currently, but I had battery drains in the past and got rid of them.


Things happen. For what it’s worth, your phone can die on you the next moment, it’s a complicated electronic device.

Because it just doesn’t make much sense without context.
Such screenshots can prove an issue if you have a drain, that makes sense. And if there is an issue, somebody else with at least the same device can post a screenshot of normal battery life for comparison, that makes sense, too.
But just a random screenshot from whatever device in whatever situation tells you nothing and proves nothing.
We /e/OS users can’t all have battery drain, else the forum would look pretty different, if it even still existed :slight_smile: .

Here’s what the issue tracker has to say …