Fairphone 3+ blocked on Fastboot

After trying to install /e/ os on my new Fairphone 3+, I got blocked to the Fastboot Menu without being able to reboot, or access to the recovery mode. My computer said that the installation was completed but the launch never finished. The phone starts but get blocked on the loading process (blue thing turning whithout ending). I can only turn off the phone and always go back to the Fastboot Menu when trying to turn it on. I already tried has somebody says to remove the battery, wait and reboot but it doesn’t change anything…
Also the log files (there are two for me) are too long even for haste so I don’t know how to do…
I don’t know if it’s important but I also had the message for the impossibility of erasing the personal data but as I didn’t start using it (just got it yesterday) and because I could continue the installation process I didn’t really paid attention to it.

Could you please help me ? I’m feeling like I just crashed 500 euros right know …

That looks exactly like this problem to me: FP3 not responding after bootloader unlock

I think it’s not a good idea to discuss the same thing in two topics in parallel.

I understand and thank you for your attention but the difference I found between the two cases is that the remove of the batterie didn’t change anything… I’m still blocked and I really don’t know how I even could go back to normal Fairphone android as recommended… should I proceed with adb ?

Thanks again for your time and help !


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