Fairphone 3+ Cam missing

hi there
with the latest [IMG-e-0.12-p-2020093076095-dev-FP3 i have no camera module…
when opening the cam app, it tells that the cam is occupied, or in use by another instance…
I know, that the cam is working, because i testet with the original Android 10 before flashing /e

any advice ?

best regards

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I have read here, that the FP3+ (or the FP3 + the new cameras) is nor yet supported

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The Fairphone 3+ hardware needs Android 10. /e/OS is still Android 9, and thus not supported for the FP3+. That’s why several things don’t work. As far as I know /e/OS will get Android 10 for the FP3 sometime this month, but unless you’re willing to wait there’s nothing you can do except go back to the official Android 10 until the /e/OS update releases.


cool ; with pleasure i’ll wait for one month. I have the freedom of choice on my way to digital souvereignity.
Sure : i have to wait, but i’m on my way

really looking forward for that update…

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