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Sorry if this is not the right category for my question. I have a question regarding the partnership with Fairphone. On their homepage, they have a cash back option that enables you to get money back on your used phones if you buy a Fairphone through their webshop. It would be great it it would be possible to take advantage of this also if you purchased your phone through the e Foundation.

You can find the option here, under the section “Thinking of Buying a Fairphone 3”: https://www.fairphone.com/en/recycle-your-phone/

Would you know if this is something already in the talks or maybe something that could be arranged in the future ?


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I bought my Fairphone 3 from Fairphone Shop and tried to participate to the recycle program to recycle my old Unihertz Pro phone.
The problem was in that case the IMEI number wasn’t registered in the general free-market database of phones.
So I couldn’t participate to the recycling program and therefore I didn’t receive 20 Euros. I also wrote to the Fairphone support but they can’t do anything.
If you buy your Fairphone at another reseller you also won’t receive the cash back from Fairphone.


Why is the IMEI number not recognized?

This may happen sometimes for very niche brands. If that is the case we are unfortunately unable to accept your phone, but please recycle it locally. Check the website of your municipality for the best way to recycle electronics locally.

Here you also have a list of local recyclers provided by Fairphone:

/e/ foundation could also work together with an environment friendly recycle partner and pay 20 Euros back for each recycled smart phone / cell phone.
I don’t really know how to solve the missing IMEI number in the free-market database of phones issue.

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