Fairphone 3+ compatibility

The new Fairphone3+ has android10. Will /e/ os have a fork from android 10 for the FP3?
And will the current /e/ os support the new enhanced camera modules?

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same question here :slight_smile:
Would it be possible to order here an /e/ Fairphone3+ like we can do for the currently available Fairphone3?
Thank you!

First we have to clean up the /e/ Q code and get it into a working shape. The first cut should be out in a weeks time. Once we have that running we will port all devices on this list which includes FP3.


Manoj, the questions above were for the Fairphone 3+ (with new cameras) while your list actually mentions the ‘ordinary’ Fairphone 3, not the 3+… :confused:
Now, in the Fairphone newsgroup someone announced that ‘Wayne Huang said the e foundation team was currently working on making the modules compatible with /e/OS’

I run the latest update for the FairPhone 3 /e/OS - this is Android 9.
With this version, if I put in place the new Camera+ Module, the new camera will not work. Correct?

This is not a problem - I understand that there might need to be driver/other changes for this to work first.

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Correct. Confirmed here with a Fairphone 3+ …


I just recieved a new Fairphone 3+ with the new camera.
I did not know that the FP3 /e/ ROM was not suitable to the FP3+, so I flashed it on my FP3+.

The boot time is very long (almost 2 minutes) and the camera does not work. (But everything else seems working :slight_smile: )
Edit : One more issue : the sound does not work

I just learned here that the Android 10 Upgrade would solve this. Here are my questions :

  • Will the upgrade be possible directly on the phone (without wiping data and re-flashing)
  • How to be informed when the update will be available ?

Thands a lot :slight_smile:

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@Caribou22, did you check

Thank you. So, the update will be possible without re-flashing if i understand well. (I am french)

Another question ? Is it possible to install a beta version of /e/ on the fairphone 3+ ? I would like to can use the camera and the sound, why not by taking part of the beta tests. If that is not possible, i will temporary go back to the stock android ROM.

Hi @Caribou22, I saw FP3 owners ask for that in the thread below, not sure whether they became ‘beta’ testers…

I did not read this forum before I ordered the plus-camera.
I didn’t expect a problem and did not see any warnings.
I owe a Fairphone 3 with preinstalled /e/ bought by you, with the newest Update from August (no newer update is offered).
I inserted the new camera, it is not detected and does not work, even not with lower resolution.
@manoj: When will an update be available with working support for the 3±camera in the Fairphone 3 with /e/.

The FP3+ camera will require a Q build on the device. This would require a clean flash which would wipe existing data on a pie device. You can use the Easyinstaller for the flashing part.


@Manoj: If I completely wipe, I will loose all my registered connections of the phone to banks and other service providers who reference to generated phone IDs with double authentification. Is there a regular update to Q scheduled for Fairphone 3 (without data loss)?

Unfortunately at the moment we do not have a way to update the OS version without a complete wipe. We are working on modifying the updater to be able to upgrade OS …it works on a S7 and if I remember the test was to update Nougat to Oreo…not sure there was much progress after that. The reason was essentially we did not want to mess up user devices with such a big change flowing out on all / more devices.

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I wonder if someone has good experience with/e/ os Q and Fairphone 3+?
I only see bad experiences.
I’m happy with my Faiphone3 with /e/ os 0.12 Pie but I bought the new camera updates and wonder when is a good time to upgrade.
Maybe wait for a while?

As user of FP3+ since the first release of /e/ q, I have not had any bad experience until now. I’m a new /e/ user, and am really glad with it.
I’ve had some issues, but the most important ones have been fixed really quickly.


Here’s another positive experience :smile:
I also bought a FP3+ recently, installed /e/ OS Q on it and I am really pleased.
The only bugs I encountered so far are slow camera switching between front and back and that I am not able to set different colors of the notification LED for different applications. I consider both of them to be minor inconveniences only.

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@Manoj: Now there are at least two (thendriks and me), who bought the camera update and await an easy installer update without data loss.
Maybe it is the wrong forum here, but I don’t want to loose the context, therefore a stupid question, if the updater/installer won’t come soon: Would it work for me, if I did a backup with adb for the apps and app data, and then restore it on Q, or at least the data?
Is there any working backup-service in /e/ for such cases, in case of phone changes or factory resets?
And I am missing a full working TWRP on the preinstalled FP3/e for doing backups there. Can I add TWRP still now without data loss?

I want to avoid all the new registering on banking accounts and other services.

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Might still work for you, but you have been warned :wink: .

No. You would need to unlock the bootloader for this, and unlocking the bootloader will force a factory reset.

I think your best bet is to wait for the OTA upgrade then.

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I am supporting this request. Is there a (very rough) timetable when we could expect an automated updating progress from pie to Q for the FP3? e.g. 1 months, 3 months, half a year? Or is it not at all currently being worked on?

I am also unsure whether to upgrade manually with all the hassle involved or if waiting for a short while (see above) would be better.

Thank you @Manoj for a short reply.