Fairphone 3+ compatibility

The new Fairphone3+ has android10. Will /e/ os have a fork from android 10 for the FP3?
And will the current /e/ os support the new enhanced camera modules?

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same question here :slight_smile:
Would it be possible to order here an /e/ Fairphone3+ like we can do for the currently available Fairphone3?
Thank you!

First we have to clean up the /e/ Q code and get it into a working shape. The first cut should be out in a weeks time. Once we have that running we will port all devices on this list which includes FP3.


Manoj, the questions above were for the Fairphone 3+ (with new cameras) while your list actually mentions the ‘ordinary’ Fairphone 3, not the 3+… :confused:
Now, in the Fairphone newsgroup someone announced that ‘Wayne Huang said the e foundation team was currently working on making the modules compatible with /e/OS’

I run the latest update for the FairPhone 3 /e/OS - this is Android 9.
With this version, if I put in place the new Camera+ Module, the new camera will not work. Correct?

This is not a problem - I understand that there might need to be driver/other changes for this to work first.

Correct. Confirmed here with a Fairphone 3+ …