Fairphone 3+ doesn't charge anymore

Hello everyone. My Fairphone FP3 + hasn’t been charging the battery since yesterday. Changed power supplies and cables, nothing. Sometimes the yellow light turns on but does not make the connection sound and does not charge and the lightning bolt does not appear in the battery indicator.
It also doesn’t even appear in the file transfer if I connect it to a computer and search for it with a file manager. I tried to leave it without battery overnight, but to no avail. Any ideas or advice on what to do or where to fix it? Thank you very much.

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Your FP3’s bottom module might be affected here, more specifically the USB port. What you can do on your own is checking thoroughly if the USB port might have dirt in it (take out the battery first, then carefully try to get out the dirt with a tooth pick or a very thin metal pin). If it doesn’t help, the USB port could be defect. The battery would be another “suspect”:

Do you know any other FP3 owner nearby? If yes, s/he might be willing to let you test their own bottom module in your FP3 (or vice versa) to verify if your bottom module or battery is defect or not. If you don’t know anyone else with an FP3, check if there are Fairphone Angels in your area:


Pull the accu.

Most charging problems (especially after a complete battery drain) solve themselves by taking the accu out of the device, count to three and put it in again. Then charge.

If this doesn’t help I guess the accu is damaged.

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Tried to leave it out overnight. No changes


I have experienced the same issue ten days ago.

I have tried many test with an other Fairphone and many cables and chargers. For example my battery is charged normally with the other cellphone.

I have aslo use a cleaner contact in the USB port.
Finally, it seems that I am able to charge the cellphone now but just one side of the usb-c port.

If you need a work around, restart your phone in boot mode (safe mode). In this way, the Fairphone will charge (very) slowly.

I will continue to make other investigations to understand why I can’t use both sides of the usb-c.

Yes, Asymmetric USB-C cables can make this happens, I had the same non-problem (once you understand it, of course).

About the charge problem, I found that, leaving it on with all possible things disable it does ca 100% charge in 6 days.

About the issue I’m ordered a bottom module and a battery, and I will try to replace next week. In the meantime, today I’ll use the phone normally, and this evening I’ll try to recharge it again the normal way.

Have changed the bottom module and the battery? does it work now?