Fairphone 3 FP3 support on /e/

Not yet :slight_smile:

Very sad. I feel I need /e/ for my FP3. :sunny:

Is an Oreo or Pie build going to be tested now?

Anyways very happy to see that something is coming for FP3. :slight_smile:

Pie. You can see that (Android 9) in a screenshot in this earlier post.

By the way what is expected from Beta testers ? Except being able to flash a an OS, are they expected to do some tests or is it only to install /e/ and then use it ? Is it useful to have a second smartphone ?

We will be starting the testing by the users team for FP3 from today - 16 April
Thanks to all those who volunteered.
Never thought I would write this but we have more testers than we can handle !!!
So not taking any more volunteers.
We expect to wind up the testing in two weeks at best.
The enthusiasm of the Fairphone users never ceases to amaze me.
Stay tuned for the updates on this thread.


Too bad so sad !
Do we have to wait two weeks for the FP3 release or more considering some more fine tuning after beta testing ?

We hope to release the build for all users in 2 weeks. If a problem is identified in the build during testing obviously we will hold it back. No point in releasing a faulty build.


This is a great news!! Thank you very much for this great work! Really looking forward to installing /e/ on my new Fair Phone. Hopefully in two weeks, or a bit more if needed :wink:

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Did it actually start yesterday? I didn’t get any kind of notice so far (I’ve sent the mail to join the testing on March 23rd).

Pl can you send me a mail with the details. I must not have received it earlier.

Same here. I resent my data to testing@e.email.

I had responded to your mail. Just resent it to you on this new email ID which you shared in this email.

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I’ve sent my mail again.

Thanks got it this time.

Thank you, that’s great news! Hurray, hurray, hurray!!!

What a great new, I’m excited about installing it on my FP3

Received my FB3 today and was really disappointed that there is no google free OS. You give me hope! Mutch Fame to you guys and good luck!

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Hi there !
How is the testing process going ?
/e/ on fp3 is exciting indeed.

Is there a gitlab interface where we can follow current issues for fp3 ?

Have a nice day e.buddies.

The testing is progressing well. We hope to be able to finish the testing and share the FP3 build with all users by end of next week.