Fairphone 3 FP3 support on /e/

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Fairphone 3 FP3


+1 on supporting Fairphone 3, and if at all possible please consider partner with them as a hardware manufacturer in the future.

@Manoj @gael

I apologize for bringing your attention to a “request a device” topic but I believe this is worth considering the recently released Fairphone 3 as more than just another device to port. Their community seem to be concerned in finding a “fair” operating system, whereas /e/ is seeking for hardware manufacturers…


+1 for Fairphone 3. Considering buying this device in the future once I know I can put other roms on it.


Thanks for supporting the idea of a link up between /e/ and Fairphone. We would be certainly checking all options to make this possible.


Same for me, I’ll buy it when Fairphone open OS will be released, but I will definitively need /e/ !

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Me too, I think Fairphone 3 and /e/ can be a great alliance for privacy + environmental sustainibility + labor rights. I would love to buy one with preinstalled /e/.

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Like everybody else here, I think that /e/ on the Fairphone 3 would be great, combining three great causes in just one phone. Definitely a +1 for me.

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Same here as all above. I’ve got a FB3 laying around just waiting for the right ROM to emerge.

+1. Open OS and especially /e/ is one of the reasons I’m considering Fairphone 3 as my next phone. The sooner the better!

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+1 on supporting Fairphone 3!


+1 ! The fp3 needs /e/ !

+1! The fairphone with /e/

I assume that making a partnership to sell FP3 with /e/ preinstalled can be difficult or that it could take a long time, but in the meantime it could be great if you could develop /e/ for FP3 so that people that wants FP3 with /e/ can buy it and send it to you when the “Mail-in your phone” system officialy starts. What do you think?

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+1 pls /e/ for FFP3!

+1 from Commown coop! We may create a win-win partnership: we used to ship our FP2s with Open OS preinstalled, we would be happy to do the same with /e/ for our FP3s! (not to say we may also ship /e/ with our “vintage” FP2s)


+1! The FairPhone with /e/ would be a certain buy from me. More sustainable and more private than the competition. This would be a wonderful collaboration.

Just created an account to +1 here!